They gutted the thing!!

I will admit that I am burnout in regards to “Full Preterism.”


I did a search the other day in google with the keywords “Revelation 20:9 preterist.” You know what I got? Everything else but Revelation 20:9.


So Jerusalem is the harlot in Revelation 17 but then the beloved city in Revelation 20:9?

There are 3 views in regards to the timing of the millennium that I have found in Preterism:

  1. Between 30-70 ad.
  2. 70-135 ad.
  3. 70-1071

I will admit that these 3 views hasn’t convinced me. Is there any better?

I believe “Full Preterists” are piggybacking off each other and need to spread out. Everyone wants to talk about Matthew 24 including me, but what about other areas that are more difficult? I plan on taking up this challenge! I will hold off my Matthew series and focus on difficult areas of scripture.

Another thing I would like to mention is that there is no reason for “Full & Partial Preterists” to go at it. Go after the ones that gutted Revelation, Matthew, & Daniel. Aka Futurism/Dispensationalism/PreTrib/

What does more damage?

  1. Kenneth Gentry partial postmill preterism or Hal Lindsey futurist sensationalism? Do you find Kenneth Gentry making bold claims that the world is going to end this year or that? Do you find Kenneth Gentry even giving a time frame to when the world will end? Nope! What about Gary Demarr? Nope!

Time and energy should be focused on those who have completely gutted Revelation to make it fit in their day and not the ones from your own camp whether they are full or partial.


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