Live w/Pastor Michael Miano

Pastor Michael Miano has served in the pastorate at Blue Point Bible Church since April 21st, 2013.

Saved from a life characterized by gang violence, death, and despair by the grace of God, Mr. Miano has been involved in a multitude of ministry efforts in regards to the mission of the Church & Church reform since 2007. Michael also authored the book, Freaked Out by the New Covenant in 2012 and is looking to publish a new book, Wicked, in summer 2016.

Michael Miano is known as a “jack of all trades” in Christian ministry, serving as a radical missionary, church reformer, Christian pastor, and a social engineer.Putting his “hand to the plow”, Pastor Miano has served as a short-term missionary/ delegate for Christian Peacemaker Teams in Palestine, as well as continually exhorts Christians to be “missional” in local contexts. He has served as associate pastor (Tribe of Dan Ministry), Connection Group Pastor (Next Level Church), Evangelist and Director of the Freaked Out Movement, and began serving as Pastor of Blue Point Bible Church in April 2013.

In regards to church reform, Pastor Michael Miano continually pushes for studies in regards to Covenant Creationism, Full Preterism, and true Biblical application in Believer’s lives. Pastor Miano has debated in numerous discussions/ debates about both hell from the Annihilationist view, and eschatology from the Full Preterist view.

(Defiance Conference in 2012,

Preterist debate with Sam Frost in January 2013,

“Hell Debate” with Bishop Erskine Williams in October 2013, 

The Second Coming of Christ: Past or Future with Pastor Bruce Bennett 

Also, Michael Miano is Director of The Power of Preterism Network which organizes a variety of ways of bringing the truth and the power behind preterism into the Church (including but not limited to ministry models for networking, annual conferences, and online broadcasts and videos. (

As well as a personal blog which can be accessed at,

You can contact Pastor Michael Miano by calling the Church Office at 631-363-6111 or by emailing him at ChristianityGoneWild@Yahoo.Com


Our Topic? Preterism.


Listen here live at 4 pm est


Helpful Links. Go there! NOW!!!! LOL

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