Just the Beginning

All these are the beginning of sorrows. (Matthew 24:8)

I gave my life to the Lord in 1998. The first topic I wanted to tackle soooooooo bad was the study of eschatology. I believed the “great tribulation” was coming soon and took a pessimistic look at life. In my limited view, I felt things were very bad and we probably have no more than 5 years. Based on what? I would take current events and apply them to Matthew 24 like everyone seems to do.

Once again, how you interpret the “3 questions” in Matthew 24, will determine your eschatological future. It will literally change your life! On top of that, it is also important to understand audience relevance. Is Matthew 24 for “this” generation or “that” generation? The conflict you will have is when you try to use common sense is your TRADITION. (what you have always been taught by your church)

Do we have false Christs in our day? Sure we do! I name some in my post “I am Christ.” So did the 1st century. What about wars? See “Rumors of Wars.” Every century has wars. What makes us so special to conclude that due to wars around the world, that we are living in the times spoken of in Matthew 24? Famines? Nothing new. Pestilence? Every century! Earthquakes? Always going to happen. See “Famines,Pestilence, and Earthquakes.”

Prophecy experts will have you to believe 1948 is very significant to prophecy. I disagree! I see a downplay with all the events leading up to 70 ad. When you study 30 to 70 ad, you will be amazed how everything fits. If you study 1948-1988, you will end up with Wang Chung lol.

The truth needs to be told about the 1st century. This is why we are doing this study.


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